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What is timeshare cancellation?

Timeshare cancellation is the process to cancel all legal and financial obligations related to a timeshare that you have purchased. The entire process will remove your timeshare mortgage, your annual maintenance fees and any special assessment fees that you owe to a timeshare resort, (and the financial institution that holds the mortgage if there is one). In return, you will forego ownership of the timeshare and any future rights to use it.

Can you cancel a timeshare contract?

The short answer is YES, if you have the right assistance. In fact our organization, Legal Consulting Inc., has helped thousands of people successfully cancel their timeshare contract. We won’t take your case if we don’t believe we can successfully help you cancel your timeshare.

Do I need a timeshare cancellation lawyer to cancel my timeshare?

You do not need to retain a timeshare cancellation lawyer to cancel your timeshare. Hiring a timeshare attorney will not guarantee your success, in fact most states do not allow an attorney to make a guarantee, so if they were unsuccessful, you will be out 100% of the retainer fee. In fact the cost of hiring an attorney will almost always superseded any service fees related to our service.

Most attorneys do very little work in timeshare law. It’s usually just one limited area of their practice, so their expertise in the timeshare cancellation arena is far less than ours. But our organization does one thing and one thing only, timeshare cancellation; so our understanding in this arena is far greater than most attorneys.
Additionally, our organization has one of the top timeshare cancellation attorneys in the country who guides our organization in all legal matters.

What is the difference between timeshare cancellation & Timeshare Mortgage Cancellation?

With other services there may be a difference, but with Legal Consulting Inc. there is no real difference between timeshare cancellation and timeshare mortgage cancellation. Though some resorts may have a contract that is in addition to a timeshare mortgage contract, our service will get you released from any obligations you have in related to your initial timeshare purchase. Our objective is to cancel your timeshare 100%!

What are my timeshare cancellation rights?

Most state laws have timeshare cancellation rights, known as timeshare rescission periods after you sign your contract. This period of time varies state to state, but is typically between 3 – 10 days.

Cancel Timeshare Mortgage

If you are looking to cancel your timeshare mortgage, Legal Consulting Inc. can help you. Our timeshare cancellation services target the cancellation of your timeshare mortgage. During that process, we also relieve you of any obligation to pay annual maintenance fees and special assessments.

Can I cancel my timeshare after rescission period?

Yes, but cancelling your timeshare after the state’s rescission period requires more than just a simple written notice to the resort that you purchased your timeshare from. The process is much more involved, and it’s best to approach it with the knowledge and experience of a timeshare ownership advocacy organization, like Legal Consulting Inc. You can learn more about it with our free consultation.

What is the timeshare cancellation policy of my resort?

​In addition to the legal rescission period provided to you by law in your state, it’s important to know the timeshare cancellation policy with your resort, if there is one. While most timeshare resorts do not provide many ways out of your contract, sometimes there is a silver lining in your contract that can make cancelling your contract easier. To find out if your resort has a policy in your contract, read through it thoroughly, if there is one, it’s often in sections that are titled “termination”.

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