Covid 19 pandemic has been impacting everyone. Looking at all the businesses, it is obvious that everyone has been affected. 

Legal Consulting Inc. is one of the most trusted advocacy companies. We helped thousands of people ease the burden of unwanted timeshare fees and liabilities legally over the years. Timeshare owners might think that they can go ahead and easily resell their timeshare to anyone and get away with the maintenance fees, but that is misperception. Once you buy a timeshare , you are held responsible for the maintenance fees and taxes unless you work with a legit timeshare cancellation company like Legal Consulting Inc. Consider as well that the maintenance fees increase every year so if  the person whom you consider as the next owner is not responsible enough to pay for the maintenance fees on your behalf then you are legally responsible.

Legal Consulting Inc. is committed to helping people cancel their timeshare legally. This is a family operated company and based locally. Yes! Based locally but we support everyone worldwide. So, wherever your timeshare is and you want to cancel it, LCI can help. Legal Consulting established a safe way to meet with clients. We offer free in-home webinars.  We also offer financing with zero interest in this time of uncertainty.

Don’t worry as Legal Consulting aims to educate everyone about the process first and the timeshare owner can decide what works best for them. 

LCI works with clients with integrity. We offer honest solutions to timeshare cancellations. 

As an advocacy group, LCI is reminding you to choose wisely, not all timeshare cancellation companies have your best interest in mind. You don’t want to end up choosing the wrong company to help out and fail. Contact Legal Consulting Inc now and be a part of their free legal consultation through webinar. It is easy, hassle free and convenient. Lessen the burden of your timeshare, Contact Legal Consulting Incorporated, America’s most trusted timeshare cancellation company.

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