Client Reviews

What clients are saying about LCI:

I want to recommend the services of Legal Consulting Incorporated, particularly in reference to a person’s time share contract. I contacted this company to help me with releasing me from Festiva Time share. They were efficient, economical and proactive in my case. I would highly recommend Legal Consulting Incorporated.
Dr David Thompson
Retired Pastor

I’m not sure that there are words that can do justice to our experience. I will say, I’m converted! Skeptical would be an understatement as we began this process with Joe. But!!! I was transformed entirely because of the personalized service, the response times, the guidance, the reassurance, and the outcome. I recognize there are many competing companies, but my skepticism came after hearing the horror stories from my family and friends about so many “Timeshare Solutions”. I’m grateful for the recommendation we received regarding Joe, and I am delighted to pass that recommendation on to anyone else who needs a company they can trust . . . that company is Legal Consulting, Inc. Very Happy Customers .

Kathy Dahn and Tricia Smith
Sparta NJ

I regret my decision to buy a timeshare. When I started to feel like I’m stuck in an abusive relationship with my timeshare contract, Legal Consulting proved to be my savior and provided me the support and knowledge I desperately needed.. My contract was cancelled, and I was set free. I would highly recommend everyone to call Legal Consulting Inc for a timeshare cancellation.

Joan C. Reading

With LCI’s guidance and timeshare mortgage cancellation solutions. I am now free from those unwanted monthly mortgage payments, maintenance fees, taxes, and special assessment costs. I highly appreciate their effort. Their process was quick and easy. Best call I ever Made. Thank you to everyone at Legal Consulting

Valerie J. Mt
Olivet KY

I had been misled by a timeshare sales agent into buying a timeshare in Las Vegas. I did not really want a timeshare and was able to say no at first. (after 20 no’s me and my wife gave in and said yes. BIG MISTAKE) When we got home, we researched and could not find a safe way to cancel the timeshare contract. Our attorney advised us to call Legal Consulting and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Legal Consulting Inc has gotten me completely and legally released from my timeshare contract without any fuss. I highly suggest you give them a call if you find yourself stuck with a timeshare you don’t want.!!!

Tess I.
Cincinnati OH

Legal Consulting Inc. uses fair practices and legal solutions that helped me get out of an unwanted timeshare. They saved me time, money and sanity. Thank you LCI.

Richard D.
Atlanta GA