As days go by, we are about to enter a new phase called “New Normal”, the world is still going through the pandemic and we definitely need to move forward no matter what. At this point in time, people need to prioritize some things over others. Basic needs and public health are on top while travel and vacationing are at the least. We know for a fact that at least once a year a lot of families are planning  a trip or a  vacation. 

The situation is definitely getting worse as bills are piling up, rising unemployment, stocks in bad shape, unpaid credit cards and mortgages, unapproved loans, and a lot more dilemmas happening at this time. Even though some  payments have been put on hold or on an installment basis, timeshare fees still continue to soar. The timeshare developers can pretty much do anything they want! 

For sure you realized, you shouldn’t have signed  that piece of paper when  you were invited to a harmless 90 minute meeting with the promise of free gifts .A lot of institutions adjusted to providing some payment options and some even allowed people to stop paying their obligations until the situation gets better. Oddly enough timeshare institutions are not offering any relief during these unprecedented times. So why would you consider canceling your timeshare at this time? The first difficulty is  availability to use it, the majority of hotels and resorts have closed for safety and encourage people to stay at home. It doesn’t make sense  risking your lives to go on a vacation  with this  virus looming.. Next, prioritize basic needs over vacationing. With the savings we have at the moment, wise budgeting should be considered. Funds should go to food and medicine instead of paying for a timeshare  you cannot use. 

 For sure you want an easy resolution and have thought of selling your timeshare instead.  Another reason to cancel your timeshare is that selling a timeshare is so DIFFICULT. They have no value and nobody wants to assume your debt.  Let’s not forget that if you don’t pay your mortgage fees and maintenance fees it can ruin your credit. This is why now is the time to get rid of your timeshare legally! Here at LCI we specialize in helping people get out of timeshare debt! Set yourself free and cancel your unwanted timeshare today!

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